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Assured Rentals

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Experience the power of assured rentals as your
investment begins to work for you from the very start.
With our unique offering of assured rentals, you can rest
assured that your villa will be generating returns while
you enjoy the lavish resort-like lifestyle.

A Portal

To Smarter Choices

The world is embracing a
profound shift,

and it's time we embrace it too. With our estate, you
gain access to a lifestyle that's ahead of the curve.

As work-from-home becomes a prominent way of
operation, a new era of work-life balance emerges,
demanding a reevaluation of our lifestyle choices.

Villa vs. A Flat in City

While a flat in Mumbai can cost a minimum of a
crore rupees, you can own a villa in the serene
regions of Khopoli for the same price.

The kind of rents you can earn on a flat in
Mumbai might average around 30,000 per
month, whereas by simply letting your villa out
for a weekend, you can earn the same or even
higher rents.

Security & Healthcare

We understand the value of prompt healthcare, and that's why we have healthcare facilities within the estate. Access to on-site medical services and ambulance-on-demand service adds an extra layer of assurance, making sure that any medical emergencies are attended to with utmost urgency.

State-of-the-art security systems and 24/7 surveillance to provide you absolute peace of mind.

Real Estate

Boom in Khopoli

Khopoli, a city on the rise, is making waves in the
real estate sector. Its strategic location in the
Mumbai Metropolitan Region and proximity to major
cities like Mumbai and Pune have transformed it
into a real estate hotspot.

With a high demand for investments and property
ownership in the region, land values are steadily
rising, driving the real estate boom in Khopoli.


at its Best

Thanks to the Mumbai suburban rail network and NH 4,
Khopoli is seamlessly connected to Mumbai, Pune, and other key cities. Plus, there are exciting plans for expressways to enhance connectivity even further. The ongoing projects of building the Mumbai Trans Harbour Link and Navi Mumbai International Airport in Panvel will make Khopoli even more accessible for all travellers across the globe.

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